THE intuitive portrait experience

The AURA experience begins with a tarot + oracle read, followed by the aura reading, and ending with the portrait. This special experience allows you to not only capture this special period in your life, but witnessing the beauty of your vulnerability.

Witness your highest self, find your AURa

aura was birthed with the intention of creating deep spiritual connection through a portrait experience.

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this is aura.

Alexandra Williams, an intuitive Aura & Tarot reader has been reading people's for the past two years. Alexandra has always found a deep connection through art, finding it to be her healer. It was a no brainer to combine the two and create AURA. 

 and their meanings

red aura

Red auras are lit up from their active root chakra. You are a sensual, confident and vibrant soul, driven by pleasure and your lust for life. You work hard and you play even harder. Red auras like to be hands on and are typically down to earth, they crave stability. You can easily manifest anything you want when it comes to your career and long term goals - focus your energy and make it happen. The world is yours! 

Blue auras are ruled by their throat chakra. You are generous, outspoken and exude a sense of inner peace. People are drawn not only to your voice, but your energy - you know how to command a room using just your voice. Blues are not afraid to speak their truthful mind. You are highly intuitive, calm and gifted at communication. a free thinker + compassionate soul that is able to speak life and inspiration into others.

Indigo auras are in tune with their third eye chakra. Highly intuitive, spiritual and psychic. You feel and think deeply, you see things most people don't. You seek the answers of life. You are being guided by the divine to your highest self. You are here to raise the consciousness and to channel messages to uplift and heal the collective. You lead with your spiritual authority, imagination and wisdom.

Green auras are vibrating from their open heart chakra. You are a natural healer, loving and compassionate. You feel for all beings on this earth. Greens are independent, making great teachers and nurturers. You often put the needs of others before your own. You enjoy stimulating conversation, learning, and are usually have many interests. 

Purple auras are connected to the divine by their crown chakra. Purples are spiritual , creative and intuitive- they feel and see it all. You're here to uplift the collective and bring unconditional love to the world. Purple auras have an active mind, constantly trying to help others and pouring divine energy into the universe. You see things with clarity thanks to the divine. 

Orange auras are driven by their sacral chakra. Highly creative and sensual, orange auras are the perfect combination of passionate and playful. You crave creative outlets, movement and high energy. Oranges can quickly make friends  because they easily relate and embrace others as they are. Oranges easily inspire others by their positive energy and enthusiasm. 

Yellow auras are bright and optimistic, vibrating from their solar plexus chakra. You are intuitive, sensitive, and tuned into the needs of your inner child. You seek joy and optimism at all costs. You are easily motivated by light and love. Your laughter, lust for life and confidence makes everyone want to be around you. A natural born leader combined with your intellect and intuition makes you unstoppable. 

blue aura

indigo aura

green aura

orange aura

purple aura

yellow aura