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boudoir is a transformative, healing experience every body deserves to experience.

I've been running around in my underwear and taking pictures since I was a little kid. It's second nature to me. It wasn't until I did a boudoir session of my own that I really felt like that little kid again. Free, not worrying about what my body looks like, just feeling at home and joyful in my own skin. That's why I do boudoir. To come home to sensual self. To re-discover all the magic that's within you. Not to brag, but I was born to do this. Are you ready? 

hi friends, i'm alex!

"Alex Williams, the founder of APW Media, is a Raleigh-based creative that incorporates spirituality and sensuality into her photoshoots. As both the subject and the photographer, she’s been able to forge an entire journey of self-love through lingerie-laced art and aura readings — her sessions are a spiritual experience.

Coining herself a “fat-positive and body-affirming boudoir photographer,” Williams takes pride in pushing back on stereotypes.” - Gigi Fong for HYPEBAE

Boudoir tells the story of coming home to your body. It's reclaiming all of your power and vulnerability. Boudoir can be nerve-wracking but that's why i'm here, to coach you every step of the way! You deserve to see yourself as the goddess you are. It's time to invest and pour into yourself. Boudoir should be accessible and every body deserves to have this experience. I pride myself on being inclusive, trauma informed and body affirming.

"Boudoir is a life-changing experience and that’s what got me on my self-love journey.”

Each session includes 1-2 hours of photography, and your digital collection of hand-crafted images.
Clients on average spend between $800-$1,500 for their full session. 

starting at $999


boudoir, for every damn body.

accessible boudoir for every damn body. 
pricing starting from $999
packages available upon request

 * payment plans are available!

add ons
makeup $125
hair and makeup $205

what's included in your experience

1.5-2 hour portrait session
boudoir guide
guided, body affirming posing
print release
session consult 

so what's stopping you?

you deserve to feel and look amazing and have a damn good time doing it. Let's make this an experience you'll never forget. 



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a body positive safe space

APW focuses on empowering ALL bodies. No body shaming/ no diet talk/ no bullshit. You are safe here, welcome home.

boudoir done differently 

all sessions are customized to you and your vibe!
whether it's kinky, sensual, romantic, or whatever your heart desires. I am capturing the essence of YOU.


boudoir is not one size fits all - all genders and bodies  are welcome here to explore their sensual side, free of judgement. 


Almost every one is. Even I still get nervous in front of the camera.- it's ok. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, friend.