alexandra p.


Photographer - model - artist

when i'm not behind the lens, you can catch me modeling! i am here to empower other women and help them claim back their power. A survivor of BED, i  find modeling as my form of therapy - challenging my body dysmorphia and the very fear that got me there in the first place.

 i am a mirror to any fear or sense of lack you have within yourself.  if i can find peace and acceptance in my journey, you can too. 

live out your vision.


visual healer.

i’m here to empower + heal others through my lens. i find myself over and over again in front of my camera.  Sitting in front of the lens forces you to sit still, quiet your mind and really  look at yourself. It's meditation. You fully get to take in your power and choose how you want to be seen.

I'm here to capture you in your highest self. You  ARE magic, are you ready to see yourself the way i do?