I'm Alex, a self-taught photographer, model, and intuitive reader. I'm here to capture you in your highest self- no matter what stage you are in. I'm here to remind you that you ARE magic and DESERVE to capture your legacy. 

The HAUS of APW is a safe space open to all bodies! We are a Queer and woman-owned photography studio offering portraits and videography in a body affirming, sex positive,  shame free zone.

about alex



If you're looking for a boudoir photographer, look no further because alex is incredible!


My Shoot with alex was like no other! she made me feel so confident, she is one of a kind!


If you haven't been Photographed by alex, you definitely should. She made me feel so good about myself!


I walked out feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to keep pushing my own boundaries. I'm in love with my photos and highly recommend APW Media.


stay in the know with all things boudoir, modeling, body + sex positive talk, and more!


thank you!
welcome to the fantasy.