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December 8, 2023

Portrait by Nine19 Photography

Hey loves! I’m here to get you prepared for your boudoir session. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned model, gearing up for a photoshoot can a nerve wracking experience- I totally get it! Nerves are normal, this is capturing you in a raw and vulnerable state! As a photographer who’s all about capturing the essence of self-love , trust and body positivity, I’ve got your back. Here are five tips to make your next boudoir shoot an empowering journey of self-discovery.

1. Connect with Your Inner Confidence 💃🏽

Before you even step in front of the camera, take a moment to connect with your inner confidence. Let’s ground ourself. It’s not about fitting into society’s standards; it’s about embracing your unique self. Typically for a session we’ll spend the day pampering you with hair and makeup, listening to your favorite playlist, and recite some positive affirmations. This will get you ready and in your body for your session. The more connected you are with your inner confidence and grounded in your body, the more it will shine through in your photos.

2. Choose Outfits that Speak to You ❤️

Forget about what you think you “should” wear and focus on what makes you feel incredible. Whether it’s that lacy lingerie set you’ve been saving for a special occasion or an oversized sweater that makes you feel cozy and sexy, choose outfits that speak to your personal style. This shoot is all about you, so let your wardrobe reflect your vibe! Your photos should feel like you.

3. Communicate with Your Photographer 📸

Open communication is key to a successful boudoir shoot. Talking to your photographer about your comfort levels, preferred angles, and any specific poses or ideas you have in mind. As a trauma informed photographer, your comfort comes first ALWAYS. If we need to stop or take a break to give you space that is more than ok! Big emotions can come up in front of the camera and I’m here to help you hold space for yourself. I’m there to support you, help you feel at home in your body and capture the essence of YOU- so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. This is all about you!

4. Focus on the Experience, Not Perfection 🌟

It’s easy to get caught up in the quest for the “perfect” shot, but remember that perfection is subjective. Instead of fixating on flawless poses, focus on the experience itself. Celebrate the journey of self-discovery, the joy of expressing your unique sensuality through movement, and the liberation that comes with embracing your body. The most jaw dropping photos often come out when you’re authentically enjoying the moment. We love a candid moment!

5. Celebrate Your Journey with Self-Love ❤️

After the shoot, take a moment to reflect on the journey you’ve just embarked upon. Celebrate your courage, your vulnerability, and your journey towards self-love. Whether you choose to create a self-love ritual, journal about your experience, or simply treat yourself to something special, make sure to acknowledge this moment – you are your biggest fan! I am so proud of you for putting yourself first.

Remember, a boudoir shoot is a celebration of you—your curves, your edges, and your unique story. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your beauty in a way that feels authentic and empowering. You’re a masterpiece, and this photoshoot is simply a reflection of that magic that is you. Own it!



Portrait by Nine19 Photography


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